Billing: One Office – One Bill!

V Pain Clinic provides “total transparency” of billing to you.

What does that mean? No more confusion and frustration with your bill!

Prior to performing any procedure, V Pain Clinic will contact your insurance carrier and inform them about the planned services. Based on your insurance plan, we will obtain authorization including your co-pay or co-insurance.

V Pain Clinic will let you know about any co-pays due prior to your appointment. On a monthly basis, we review your patient payments AND will refund to you any overpaid difference.

You pay less out of pocket expense and receive the same state of the art care at V Pain Clinic as you would receive at a hospital. Plus, at V Pain Clinic your procedure is performed in the comfortable surroundings of a private physician’s office.

Having a procedure performed in the office of V Pain Clinic is less expensive than having it done in the hospital or surgical center. Your co-pay may also be significantly smaller.

  • Less money
  • State of the art care
  • Comfortable surroundings

V Pain Clinic will help you reclaim your life with less pain so you may do the things you love again!