Some people with long COVID may experience ongoing health problems weeks or even months after contracting the virus. A fraction of them experienced parosmia and dysgeusia, when the senses of smell and taste are grossly districted or completely lost.

A treatment options for those patients would be a Stellate Ganglion Block, an injection of local anesthetic medication into the stellate ganglion, a bundle of nerves of the sympathetic chain located on both sides of the neck. The hypothesis behind this treatment has been the augmentation of blood flow to the brain and interruption of the sympathetic nervous system’s contribution to long COVID symptoms. It is a short reset of the nerves bringing them down to operate on the normal level instead of the hyperactive one caused by the infection. The procedure is done using the ultrasound guidance to precisely guide the needle for the procedure. Also, every patient receives the IV sedation for the comfort during the block.

Long COVID treatments are not covered procedures by the insurance carriers.