For chronic pain in the arm or leg caused by nerve injury we use advanced technology of the spinal cord stimulation. The device is similar to the pacemaker and has an electrode implanted in the spinal canal. The electrical current running between the contacts transmits electrical pulses to the spinal cord. These pulses interfere with the nerve impulses responsible for pain due to nerve damage.

The stimulator is implanted under the skin of the buttocks. The small leads are inserted under the skin to the point where they are placed into the spinal canal.

Generator batteries get recharged through the skin and the reprogramming is done the same way. With such advanced technology we can adjust the settings of the stimulator providing accurate coverage of the painful area. When in use, the spinal cord stimulator creates a tingling feeling, rather than pain.

Our office utilizes the Medtronic Spinal Cord Stimulators, a leader in the field of neuromodulation therapy.